Stainless Steel Products

Smart Pan
Being fully stainless steel, it is resistant to high operating temperatures, accidental bumps; resistant to wrap, easy to maintian, it is the perfect choice.

Superior Material Fast Cooking
Buffalo Clad, allows rapid heat transmission and even heat distribution, makes cooking fun, relaxing and as easy as it can be.
Value Added 3 in 1 Cookware
Brand new 3 in 1 cookware design is suitable for all. Buffalo's Double Sided Fry Pan is suitable for all cooking applications:-
Steam, Roast, Fry or Stir Fry. Easily detachable, it becomes 2 separate fry pans.
Power Magnetic Handles
Utilizing double sided magnetic handles, allows cookware to be firmly closed as well as a breeze to open. A simple yet innovative design, again making cooking simple and fun. With the strong magnetic handles, cooking steam is trapped making food even more delicious.
It is able to
  • Bake: Sponge Cake, Pizza
  • Stew: Kungpao Chicken, Clams Soup
  • Grill: Salted Chicken, Spicy fish with Banana Leaf
  • Fry: Gan Xiang Crab, Fish Fillet & French Fries