Stainless Steel Products

Pressure Cooker
  • Exclusively made from BUFFALO Clad, its thermal conductivity is faster and more even than conventional stainless steel cookware
  • German gear with mortise and tenon joint design, simple switch, safe, durable and easy cleaning
  • Vertical pot body design, edgeless cleaning
  • A new generation of food residue filter
  • Emergency pressure relief safety device
  • Pressure indication valve, relieve pressure easily and you will not get burnt
  • Removable gaskets, hygienic, easy-to-clean and convenient maintenance
  • Suitable for use on gas stove, electric stove, induction cooker and ceramics furnace
  • Vertical pot body design and emergency pressure relief hole make cooking safe
Available In
8L Pressure Cooker
12L/15L Pressure Cooker

Additional features for 12L / 15L Pressure Cooker
  1. Larger capacity which suitable for big family or commercial use. It is good to be used during festival season.
  2. High capacity, suitable for 15-20 persons
  3. Up to 6 emergency pressure relief safety devices