Stainless Steel Products

Function Series Casserole
Water Seal Effect

  • The Double-hole Ventilator on Function Series Casserole will adjust the steam capacity effectively to ensure the even heat transmission during cooking. Moreover, Thermo Cooking Effect forms "water seal effect” to preserve the authentic flavours of food. Quick and easy cooking process, environmental friendly, energy conservation, save money, retain the natural sweetness and nutrition of food, indulge in the most original healthy diet.
    18cm Saucepan (2.3L) 20cm Casserole (3.2L)
    22cm Casserole (6.1L) 26cm Stock Pot (9L)
  • Exclusive Water Seal Effect design uses the water content in the food to form natural water film, resulting in sealing effect of the lid and pot body, thus achieving vacuum effect. It retains the nutrition in food from being vaporised and brings you the most delicious natural taste.
  • Uses the water content in the ingredients for cooking without additional water, for instance, vegetables cooking without adding water offers the fresh sweetness of green vegetables.
  • The world's first "varied thickness body design” speeds up thermal conductivity up to 30%. The heat storage ensures the nutrition in food is not lost.
  • Patented single casting pot handles that are connected with the body – gapless for easy cleaning and never fell off, hence it does not require maintenance and free from security concerns.