Stainless Steel Products

Free Series Casserole
16cm Saucepan (1.8L) 20cm Casserole (3L) 22cm Casserole (5.7L)
  • The world's pioneer in Thickness Varied Design on body which has achieved the lighter weight effect , and it provides rapid heat transmission, excellent heat retention to preserve the nutritional value. Durable and no chemical reaction.
  • With the patent of professional technology procedure to make out the articles of no-welding, no dead edge and no-joint in all, such that no safety concernment of handles fall off and easy to clean, for which life time lasting could be ensured.
  • The exhaustible cover design is preventing soup spilled and steam backflow which make cooking much easier.
  • The bakelite is easy to detach and assemble, convenient to replace, and it may take-off bakelite to use for oven, multipurpose design. There are green and red anti-bacteria silicon handles made of antibiotic procedure are sanitary and safety for sure.