Kitchen Electrical Products

Ozone Sterilizer
Disinfect vegetables and fruits
Ozone can sweep away the remaining insecticle on vegetables and fruits, you can now enjoy a healthier fresh salad meal.
Prevent food spoilage and extend freshness
During the process of defrosting, fish and meat may easily come into contact with bacteria. Desfroting using ozone can prevent food spoilage as well as extend its freshness.
Sterilization of kitchenware
Ozone is also a useful tool for sterilizing and disinfection dishes and silverware
Room disinfectant
Ozone effectively eliminates air borne bacteria and other disease. It can be used regularly to disinfect rooms. Ozone can also eliminates bathroom and kitchen odour effectively.
Disinfectant Refrigerator
Ozone is most effectively for disinfecting refrigerator, eliminating odour and bacteria
To wash face with ozone water can eliminate acne and other blemishes. It can also beautify and revitalize your skin.
First Aid
Ozone treated water is most effective in disfecting wounds, eliminating bacteria.
Skin Disease
Ozone is also effective against skin disease by removing impurities.