About Us

Brand Mission
The brand of BUFFALO was established in 1957. The founder had thought that leather was the most solid and durable material in any traditional view, just like stainless steel that lasts can act better than any other materials in cooking. Despite of the tough start-up environment, the founder of BUFFALO shouldered the practical spirit of a buffalo, persisted to promoting truly healthy products. Since its establishment to date, BUFFALO reflects down-to-earth attitude and takes one step at a time to provide consumers with quality stainless steel cookware, kitchen electrical appliances, and a series of fine small kitchen appliances. BUFFALO continues to share the idealism of "healthy natural taste" of LOHAS diet to every family.

BUFFALO'S Commitment to Consumers

Apart from satisfying consumers with quality products and great services, it also satisfies the health needs of a happy life. A kitchen is where the family strengthen their rapport, while cookware is the lubricant to refine it, just as what BUFFALO has promised to its consumers: health is wealth, let it be original taste, quality assured.

BUFFALO'S Professionalism Leads the Industry

BUFFALO cookware is leading entire world's brand once again, by introducing the revolutionary BUFFALO steel products (the difference lies in the thickness of the steel pot design). It brings the experience and degree of satisfaction of homemakers to a new milestone, with the hope to offer you peace of mind, healthiest cooking environment, and to share the science and technology of new kitchen life.

BUFFALO'S LOHAS Cooking Culture

  1. Less water, less oil; anhydrous and oil-free healthy cooking
  2. Kitchen temperature reduction, to check the acceleration of global warming
  3. To reduce exhaust emissions, to save time and conserve energy
  4. To nurture the parent-child relationship, to increase meal frequency at home